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About Actuaries

What is an Actuary?

Actuaries apply Financial and Statistical theories to solve real business problems. These Business problems typically involve analysing future financial events, especially when the amount of a future payment, or the timing of when it is paid, is uncertain. 

A lot of Actuaries work might be thought of a "risk Management", assessing how likely an event may be and the costs associated with it.


In General, the areas in which actuaries operate are : consultancy, assurance, pensions, and investement. Actuaries are also increasingly moving into other fields, where their analytical skills can be employed.

Area of Practice

•  Life Insurance
•  General Insurance
•  Healthcare
•  Pension
•  Employee Benefits
•  Social Policy
•  Finance, Investment and Risk Management

The Actuarial Profession in Indonesia

Acturial qualification is acquired from Persatuan Aktuaris Indonesia or The Society of Actuaries of Indonesia (PAI) after a person passes all ten exams conducted by the PAI.

Actuaries in Indonesia usually have an educational background in subjects like mathematics and/or statistic. There are also few actuaries with other educational disciplines background.

Most Actuaries in Indonesia work for life insurance, while others work for pensions, consultancy, and lately, investement

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